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Ammonite pyrite replacement; Pleuroceras sp. Jurassic. Buttenheim, Germany

$35.00 USD

3cmW x 4cmL x 1.5cmD

Ammonite pyrite replacement, Pleuroceras sp., Jurassic, Buttenheim, Germany
This specimen contains the fossilized remains of a single ammonite. The inner shell material has been replaced by pyrite, which has been polished to further enhance its appearance, contrasting with the matte grey calcareous matrix. This specimen exhibits beautiful detailing of the ridged inner whorls of the shell.

The energy of all ammonites displaying their spiral shape represents positive change, evolution, the leaving behind of that which is no longer needed so there is room for the new. Fossil ammonites also have the energy of the material replacing the shell, usually calcite or pyrite.

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