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Barite (Fluorscent)

$40.00 USD

Barite (Fluorscent) - Mina Ojuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico

WxHxD: 11x3.5x6.5cm= 4.3x1.3x2.5in

Barite, the primary ore of barium, is a high-density mineral with a wide range of industrial uses. It occurs mainly as clusters of tabular crystals or white bladed masses, also in yellow, brown, grey and blue. Barite has a high specific gravity that causes it to be very heavy for a non-metallic mineral. Due to its high-density barite can block gamma-rays and x-rays.

Chemical composition: BaSO4; Hardness: 3; Orthorhombic

Barite supports the recognition and pursuit of our Inner visions and energetic alignment.  Barite (especially in the “rose” form) supports loving communication, friendship and teamwork

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