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Adamite (Cuprian) (Fluorescent)

$58.00 USD

Adamite (Cuprian) (Fluorescent) - Mina Ojuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico

WxHxD: 11.5x4x8cm = 4.5x1.5x3.1in

Adamite is a hydrous zinc arsenate hat typically occurs in the oxidized zone above zinc ore occurrences. It occurs in many colors due to trace amounts of, for example, Fe (yellow), green (Cu), pink or purple (Co). It is named after mineralogist Gilbert-Josef Adam.  


Hardness:  3.5



Adamite supports the synthesis of the mind and heart (3rd and 4th chakras), providing  inner strength when dealing with emotional issues, perseverance, and joy, love, creativity and enthusiasm.

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