Which Stones are Best for Fathers Day?

Fathers Day in the United States is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Established in 1910 in the state of Washington, Fathers Day is now celebrated in all 50 states. Fathers are honored on various dates in other parts of the world. In Catholic countries, it is celebrated as Saint Joseph’s Day on March 19th. Sikhs celebrated Father’s Day on December 29, in honor of Guru Gobind Singh. In some countries both mothers and fathers are celebrated on Parents Day.

Fathers Day gifts can be trickier than those for Mothers Day – flowers may not be the best choice! Have a look at the Taos Rockers Fathers Day Gift Guide for ideas, or consider ...

What kind of father do you want to celebrate?

He’s a rock!

You can gift Dad any ol’ rock you find, but these stones celebrate dad’s strength and solidity.

labradorite polished standuphematite botryoidal New Mexico
smoky quartz crystal New Mexicotiger eye tigers tigereye polished pebble

Labradorite (above left, as a polished standup) celebrates the strength of inner knowing.

Hematite (above right, in its botryoidal form) is one of the most grounding minerals.

Smoky quartz (lower left) is both grounding and anchoring, and helps to relieve stress and manifest calmness and practical solutions to issues.

Tiger eye (lower right, as polished pebbles) is all about prosperity, will power and strength; its golden colors are warming.

He’s solid gold!

pyrite pyritized fossil ammonitepyrite natural cube crystal Spain

Pyrite (also known as fool's gold) represents "solid gold" -  abundance, luck, wealth, and self-confidence. Left, a pyritized fossil ammonite. Right, natural pyrite crystal from Spain.

He’s loving and supportive

amazonite colorado crystal cluster

Malachite (left, as petrified wood) is a stone of the heart, symbolizing love, balance, and transformation.

Amazonite (right) is known for supporting heart-centered discernment, and is soothing.

He’s so clear-sighted

calcite crystal rhomb Iceland sparfluorite New Mexico blue crystal cluster

Calcite (left, as "Iceland spar") calms, and supports both mental and emotional intelligence.

Fluorite (right) promotes learning, impartiality and organization; it helps dissolve fixed patterns of behavior.

He’s generous and kind

ocean jasper polished palm stonesmithsonite blue New Mexico mineral specimen

Jasper (left, as polished palmstones of ocean jasper) has been called the “supreme nurturer,” bringing tranquility and wholeness; it reminds people to help each other.

Smithsonite (right) is known for enhancing tranquility, charm, kindness, and favorable outcomes.

He’s an old fossil and we love him!

fossil ammonite whitefossil fish knightia specimen

Ammonites are symbols of stability, structure, and growth, and support transforming negativity into more positive energy.

Every dad is unique, so always trust your intuition when choosing a gift for him - if it makes your heart light up, then it's the right one!