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Which stone is best for your Mom?

Mothers Day – celebrated worldwide, this event gives us an opportunity to say thank you to the women and men who serve in our lives as "mom," even if they weren’t our birth mothers.

There are as many different types of mothers as there are people, so why settle for a one-size-fits-most gift? Flowers are beautiful, but Mother Earth has some fabulous offerings from her mineral kingdom, too.


 What kind of mom do you want to celebrate?

She’s the sunshine of our lives

Citrine is known as the stone of joy. Wearing a piece of citrine jewelry or placing a citrine crystal in a room is like bringing sunshine indoors.

She’s so loving


Rose quartz is known as the stone of gentle, unconditional love, just like some mothers are full of. Try a rose quartz gemstone bowl, or a polished pebble or palmstone.





She has the biggest heart

Ruby and emerald are strong heart stones, often symbolizing ever-lasting love. If you can’t afford a piece of fine jewelry, how about a polished raw emerald-in-matrix palmstone, or a pair of rough ruby earrings?


 She’s inspiring!

Labradorite (left) and moonstone (right) glow with inner rainbows and fire, so no wonder they are known as stones of intuition and inspiration. Moonstone jewelry is plentiful, and labradorite polished standups add inspiration to any room


She’s nurturing and supportive

Jasper has been called the “supreme nurturer” of the mineral kingdom, and there are so many kinds and colors to choose from! Try a jasper from your home region (Apache Kid is a good one for New Mexico), or one with dramatic colors, like Dragons Blood. Mookaite jasper from Australia evokes the warmth and comfort of chai lattes and hot chocolate. Ocean jasper is never the same twice, but always beautiful.



 She’s the Queen Bee!


Some moms are like the Queen Bee, always looking out for the family as a whole. What could be more appropriate than a piece of  bumble-bee jasper, especially since jasper is the “supreme nurturer”!