June 2020 through December 2020 Newsletter Archive

6/4/20        Love Dad, Love Yourself  (Father's Day Sale)

6/11/20      Meet Taos Rockers - Martha  (Taos Rockers Staff)

6/17/20      Crystal Skulls      

7/1/20        Fourth of July                                     

7/9/20        Put a Little Love in Your Heart   (Rose Quartz)     

7/16/20      Spinner Jewelry on Sale 

7/23/20      They’re Mexican and Hot (Fire Agates)       

7/29/20      This Week It’s Cool  (Danburite)                                  

8/6/20        Meet Taos Rockers - Jesse Kline (Taos Rockers Staff)

8/12/20      Lightning Rocks  (Fulgurite)                                    

8/27/20      Soothing Stones for Crazy Times  (Lepidolite and Lithium Candle Quartz)

9/2/20        Tent Sale                                     

9/10/20      Get the Lead Out (Galena)                                       

9/15/20      Honkers! Amethyst & Citrine Cathedrals 

9/17/20      Galena from Bulgaria 

9/24/20      Autumn  Light, Autumn Color (Lights and Candle Holders)

10/1/20      Baker Thundereggs!  

10/8/20      The Native American Art of Taoseño Justin Gomez     

10/16/20    Crystal Balls, Crystal Skulls, and 13% Off 

10/22/20    World Famous Orpheus Agate  

10/28/20    Halloween Treats  

11/5/20      More Heavy Metal from New Mexico (Hematite)         

12/24/20    Merry Christmas / Happy Hannuka / Kwanzaa flyer 

12/31/20    Happy New Year