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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a specific stone from you?

Yes. Sort of. In the shop there is a voluptuous collection displayed in three showrooms including specimens from every continent except Antartica. We have our online store inventory, but of course. Also there is a wide variety of rare minerals in the archives, the ones that fall to the wayside amidst an overabundance of inventory, books, and dust… If you make a request, we can look. 


How do you know the mineral ID tags are correct?

Taos Rockers does its best to ensure that each item in the shop is exactly what it says it is, by using our geological expertise and by buying from reputable, knowledgeable sources. 

Is there room for error?  Of course, and we try to keep errors at a minimum! We want our customers to be happy.  If you ever have a question about your purchase, please find the "contact us" section in the footer of the homepage to get in touch. 

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