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About Taos Rockers Stores

Taos Rockers Storefront

Taos Rockers is both a storefront and an online store. The storefront is a mom & pop mineral and fossil outlet, located in downtown Taos, New Mexico. At our storefront an international collection is displayed in three showrooms including many museum-grade specimens representing every continent except Antarctica.




Take a look inside...


Our specialty, however, is in the minerals found in our home state, New Mexico! 
With our Geologic background, all efforts are made to bring our customers an exotic collection of hand specimens from around the world. Each piece is accompanied by a detailed description card after thorough examination by our specialist and owner Cortney Stewart. 


Meet the storefront crew

                Annya                  Lauren Nicole    Suni Dane


A wealth of geologic information at Taos Rockers retail store since 2011, you will find Jesse working at the shop now and then. 


Jesse Kline


"An avid amateur mineralogist and field collector for over 30 years, Jesse knows more about New Mexico minerals and their geologic occurrence than most university geology professors in that field, and is a total WOW at identifying minerals from hand samples.  And that's just a small piece of it." 

— Excerpt from the newsletter article featuring Jesse's retirement in 2021. Now he assists as an informational resource for the website and newsletters, and swoops in to save the day when needed in the storefront. 


  • Since 2000 he’s specialized in creating exhibits for professional regional- and national-level mineralogical symposiums.

  • He took intro-level geology courses at Taos Community College.

  • He’s an artist, particularly enjoying print-making, drawing and sculpture.

  • Many mineralogical specimens at the New Mexico Bureau of Geology Mineral Museum (Socorro, NM Tech) were collected by Jesse.

  • He’s still an active collector of mineral specimens, and now particularly enjoys mentoring younger collectors who are willing to learn.

"The finest lab for the study of the Earth Sciences is…your own backyard. Take a walk. Be curious." - J


Store front hours:

Monday - Sunday   10am - 5pm

We will be welcoming customers inside, while observing all public health mandates in New Mexico regarding the Covid-19 outbreak. 


Closed during Fiestas De Taos & Christmas Day
Use the map below to locate our storefront! 


Taos Rockers Online store



The Taos Rockers online store is where we "open our warehouse doors" and provide access to Taos Rocker's insurmountable back-stock inventory that does not fit in the storefront location! 

As our collection has grown into ample volume to stock two stores, we have "opened a new store" online. 

Because the online store is a representation of our warehouse inventory, the physical storefront and the online store may or may not carry the same products. 

The stores are, however, married and communicate with each other! So if you are looking for something that you cannot find in one store, we will happily search the inventory of both stores to help you find what you are interested in! 

Behind the Scenes 



Kyla Cannon (Kai)


Kyla has been a part of the Taos Rockers' family since 2018.


"After only a week in Taos, Kai was hired by Anne and Cortney to work in the downtown store. Interested in crystals since she can remember, it has become a lifelong study. Working with Jesse Kline, she explored the crystallography and geochemistry of the mineral specimens in the store. 

When Anne and Cortney decided to implement an online store for Taos Rockers, Kai had the experience to help them.  What started as a part-time endeavor at the shop became a full-time job in developing and later managing the Taos Rockers website from her office.  She is assisted by her very special helper, Theodor (now 2 yo), who brightens our days when he joins his mom at work. "


Taos Rockers Newsletters



Martha Sykes


Written by Martha Sykes; resident geologist and reiki master at Taos Rockers. Martha has a BS in Geology; in Hawaii she served as a one-woman geology department at Hawaii Pacific University, teaching physical geology, natural disasters, mineralogy, geochemistry, environmental science, global change, marine geology, hydrogeology, and sedimentology.  Along the way she moved into administration, finishing her tenure at HPU as the head of research and grants administration. Martha is also a level IV Reiki Master and she has apprenticed with Heather Ash Amara and is a certified Warrior Goddess facilitator.  She has studied extensively with Colette Baron-Reid and is a certified oracle guide.  In Peru she was initiated and attuned with Earthkeeper energy by an Andean q’ero.  And that brings her full circle back into earth “science."


Taos Rockers is owned & managed by Cortney Stewart and Anne Brenner ~ In business since '08 


Cortney & Anne

Who we are...

Cortney Stewart earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology (and Biology) from NM Tech. He has 35 years of experience as a mineral landman and has traveled extensively across the western US. He is a lifetime member of the New Mexico Geological Society, a Friend of the Mineral Museum (NM Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources), and a member of the Albuquerque Gem & Mineral Club and the Los Alamos Geological Society. At an early age in his career, he contracted gold fever – fortunately it remains in remission.

Anne Brenner earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance & Banking from Southern Methodist University (SMU Dallas). She has 38years of experience in private practice as a property manager (Real Estate Broker) and in custodial accounting.  Prior to establishing Taos Rockers with Cortney, Anne thought gemstones came from Tiffany’s. She has since dug her own gemstones, had them cut and set in jewelry and can be seen wearing those stones in the shop.


Our way of doing things...

"We attend various gem & mineral shows throughout the region as buyers. We have been attending the Denver spring (April) and Denver fall (September) and Albuquerque (March) shows since 2003, and the Tucson show since 2004.
Over the years we have established working relationships with many dealers throughout the world. When possible, we prefer to work with families who are active in the industry - those whose family actively mine or collect, prep, polish, design, manufacture and market minerals, fossils, jewelry, stoneware and related items.


We are proud to be friends of a family of three brothers who operate mines in Brazil and whose sons are being groomed for the business. Our friends from Peru employ dozens of artisans polishing, shaping and carving material while operating a warehouse run by mother, daughter and son. There's the father/daughter team that supplies us with jewelry from India and the husband and wife designing jewelry in Canada.


The list goes on and on including families from China, Australia, Germany, Madagascar and Morocco.  We also actively purchase from small mining operators and collectors - eliminating middlemen and keeping prices affordable."

 - Anne & Cortney

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