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Collectors Edition Specimen

This collection of minerals is for our Hard Rockers, our passionate rock-hounds who seek the rarest minerals available.


Discover the world of collectable minerals with our wide range of mineral specimens. We have an excellent selection of minerals, from affordable pieces for the enthusiast, through to high grade specimens for the experienced collector. We also have a wide range of poket stones that are perfect for crystal healing, easy to carry with you for long-term effect.

Disclaimer: We do not sale as ‘lapidary grade’; although some specimen can be used this way - use discretion, or contact us.




Zincite is a by-product of industrial smelting, formed in the smoke stacks of old Polish factories.


Category:       Oxide mineral

Formula:        (repeating unit)         (Zn,Mn)O

Strunz classification:           4.AB.20

Dana classification:

Crystal system:         Hexagonal

Crystal class:            Dihexagonal pyramidal (6mm)

H-M symbol: (6mm)

Space group:            P63mc

Color:           Yellow-orange to deep red, rarely yellow, green, colorless

Crystal habit: Disseminated – occurs in small, distinct particles dispersed in matrix.

Fracture:        Conchoidal

Tenacity:        Brittle

Mohs scale hardness:         4

Luster:            Subadamantine to resinous

Streak:            Yellowish orange


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