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Collectors Edition Specimen

This collection of minerals is for our Hard Rockers, our passionate rock-hounds who seek the rarest minerals available.


Disclaimer: We do not sale as ‘lapidary grade’; although some specimen can be used this way - use discretion, or contact us.




Zincite is a by-product of industrial smelting, formed in the smoke stacks of old Polish factories.


Category:       Oxide mineral

Formula:        (repeating unit)         (Zn,Mn)O

Strunz classification:           4.AB.20

Dana classification:

Crystal system:         Hexagonal

Crystal class:            Dihexagonal pyramidal (6mm)

H-M symbol: (6mm)

Space group:            P63mc

Color:           Yellow-orange to deep red, rarely yellow, green, colorless

Crystal habit: Disseminated – occurs in small, distinct particles dispersed in matrix.

Fracture:        Conchoidal

Tenacity:        Brittle

Mohs scale hardness:         4

Luster:            Subadamantine to resinous

Streak:            Yellowish orange


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