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4.5" Tall Clear Quartz Stand-Up with Phantom

$80.00 USD

Clear Quartz Polished Stand-Up with Phantom

Width x Height x Depth: 45 x 115 x 40 mm = 1.8 x 4.5 x 1.6 in

Quartz is a crystalline form of silica. The greatest concentrations of quartz are found in silica-rich igneous and metamorphic rocks. Quartz is one of Earth’s most abundant minerals and is an essential component of granite and many other rocks. Often transparent, Quartz can be found in almost any color. There are two main types of Quartz: macrocrystalline and microcrystalline. Macrocrystalline Quartz is composed of visible crystals, microcrystalline Quartz is densely compacted microscopic quartz crystals. Quartz has piezoelectric properties, meaning it generates an electric charge in response to pressure.

Chemical composition: SiO2 ; Hardness: 7

When there is a structure composed of another mineral within a crystal it is referred to as a phantom. Phantoms are formed when another mineral drops onto a crystal during its growth. The crystal continues to grow, encompassing the foreign mineral which appears in the shape of the crystal during an earlier stage of its growth.

Quartz is called the Master Healer Stone. It amplifies personal power by connecting one to the energies of the universe. Quartz acts as a bridger of realms and opens doors for communication with plants, animals, and beings from other dimensions. Quartz will activate all of the energy centers and trigger one’s highest potential to unfold.

Phantoms can be found within many different kinds of crystals and they represent an earlier stage in the crystal’s development. As such a crystal with a phantom formation can connect one to earlier stages in the soul’s evolution. They make great tools for accessing past lives, from an objective perspective that allows the “wrapping up” of lessons learned over many incarnations.

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