Comfort and Joy Gift Set - "Red" Selenite Bowl and Palo Santo

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Selenite is named after the goddess of the moon, Selene, and is held to be a stone of the divine feminine - so this makes a great gift for women! Perfect as a gift of enlightenment and grounding, the stones in this gift set are especially good for releasing and soothing stress and bringing comfort and joy. 

This gift set includes:

- a 100mm (about 4") diameter, 38mm (1.5") high carved and polished selenite bowl in a beautiful shade of peach - reddish orange, for enlightening and grounding. This is a natural material so color will vary.

- a set of tumbled and natural crystals (ruby, emerald, ametrine, lepidolite, citrine, and rose quartz) to work with in feng shui, grids, infusions or other ways. Size, shape and color may vary.

- one stick of palo santo (use as a smudge to bring peace and clarity)

Ametrine (tumble polished) helps to calm, bringing peace, tranquility and balance.

Citrine (crystal point) brings light and joy; warming, comforting, uplifting.

Emerald (in matrix, tumble polished) helps to lessen hidden fears and anxieties; calming, cleansing, harmonizing.

Lepidolite (tumble polished) helps to manage feelings of anxiety and stress; soothing; may help with sleep.

Rose quartz (tumble polished) rapidly releases emotional stress, especially when combined with grounding stones; promotes love and release

Ruby (tumble polished) supports positive thinking; nourishing, steadying.