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Turquoise and Watermelon Tourmaline Ring

$150.00 USD

Showcasing a fun slice of gemmy Pink Tourmaline with a small blue Turquoise cabochon set above, in a sterling silver setting by Taos-local artist Rory Kenward. 

Size: 7.75

Gift box included.

Tourmaline is the name given to a large group of minerals sharing the same general properties and crystalline structure but with varying chemistry. Crystallizing in the form of vertically striated prismatic crystals. Tourmaline occurs in more colors than any other mineral group, ranging from deep pink to red to red-violet (Rubellite), blue to indigo-blue (Indicolite), yellow (aka “Peridot of Ceylon” and Tsilasite), brown (Dravite), green (Verderite), pink (Elbaite), orange, purple/lavender, black (Aphrizite and Schorl), colorless (Achroite), bi-colored, tri-colored, multi-colored, and a variety which exhibits triangular and triskelion formations. Phew!

Hardness: 7-7.5

Turquoise was one of the earliest gems to be used by humans for ornamentation. Color can range from bright blue to grayish green, with a waxy lustre. Mined throughout the world, turquoise is often chalky and therefore stabilized in a hardening process.

Chemical composition: Cu(Al,Fe3+)6(PO4)4(OH)8 · 4H2O; Hardness: 5-6

Tourmaline assists in clearing, balancing and vitalizing the body’s energy centers.

Watermelon Tourmaline is known as the "super activator" of the heart chakra providing stimulation and connection with the heart chakra of the higher self. It encourages one to look past the seriousness of an experience or situation and helps with recognition of how it benefits your life. 

Known as the “Vision Quest Stone,” turquoise aids one in attuning with higher planes, giving strength and protection during vision quests and astral travel. Also useful for balancing male/female energies within oneself and enhancing clarity of communication both written and oral.



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