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Inner Peace Meditation and Bath Set

$24.00 USD

This set can be used in the bath by letting the crystals infuse their energy into the water. The salt can also be used to clear your stones or your space, and the stones can alternatively be used for your altar, gridding, meditations, laying on the body for attunement, charging your drinking water, etc, etc. 


  • 3 tumbled pieces of Lepidolite
  • 1 Lithium “Candle” Quartz crystal
  • 1 NM Pink Chalcedony “rose”
  • 1 stick Palo Santo
  • 1 White Sage bundle
  • 1oz package Himalayan salt
  • Instructions for setting up an altar
  • Guided meditation

Mother Earth has blessed us with minerals that can help us find inner peace and serenity, and three of these minerals are included with this kit –

Lepidolite has a refreshing, uplifting energy, assisting with stress reduction and to alleviate despondency. It helps in times of life transition by supporting the restructuring of old patterns that don’t support the new in your life. It supports self-love and acceptance, and trust.

Pink chalcedony rosettes assist with balancing the energies of body, mind, spirit, and emotions. It alleviates irritability and sadness, and helps one to believe in the goodness and benevolence of the universe, so that one can receive love. The pink color aligns these beautiful pieces with heart energy, enhancing one’s appreciation and love for oneself and others. It may also be of particular assistance to new mothers.

Lithium candle quartz enhances tranquility by helping to dispel fears and other heavy emotions and thoughts. It helps to recognize damaging patterns of physical, emotional and mental behavior that affect our physical body, and to ameliorate these. So often our mental and emotional distress comes from disharmony of our minds with what our bodies and hearts know. Candle quartz helps to bring all aspects of ourselves into harmony and alignment.

White Sage and Palo Santo have been used for millennia for clearing and energizing spaces.

Crystal metaphysical descriptions are brought to you by Melody (1995) Love Is In the Earth, a Kaleidoscope of Crystals (updated). Earth-Love Publishing House, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, 726 p

The crystals pictured show a representation of the crystals that will be in your set. Crystals vary just slightly in dimensions. 

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