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1.3" Green Fluorite Sphere

$40.00 USD

1.3" Green Fluorite Polished Sphere

Width x Height x Depth: 32mm x 32mm x 32mm = 1.3in x 1.3in x 1.3in

Stand not included.

Fluorite is a common mineral that is deposited in veins during hydrothermal processes. It comes in a rainbow of colors, can have a vitreous or dull luster and sometimes exhibits fluorescence. Fluorite has four directions of perfect cleavage and can often be found in octahedron shapes.

Chemical composition: CaF2; Hardness: 4

Fluorite aids intuition, memory enhancement, protection of brain function and in creating new neural pathways in the brain. It connects with the 3rd eye chakra and increases concentration, balances the energy centers, and allows for the flow of energy to reach all areas of the physical body.

The exceptional healing energy of green fluorite cleanses and renews the entire energy system as well as the physical and emotional bodies.


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